About Us

Today’s business environment is fast moving, multifaceted and highly competitive. Industries need the support of professionals who provide on-time, efficient solutions to help their business move forward.

CorpSolutions is a quality service provider in the area of consultancy, business process outsourcing and recruitment. We consistently deliver a wide range of services in the area of Insurance, Telecom and Banking Sectors. We provide multiple solutions to our client at a single stop. Our service suite encompasses all the elements of back office operations, finance, accounting and recruitment value chain. Our offerings are tailored specifically to meet clients’ needs.

We focus on high-end services at the core of the customer organization. Our philosophy of delving deep into the customers’ business and suggesting consistent process improvements has helped us create strong relationships with our clients. We establish long-term, strategic relationships with specialized service providers to gain a competitive edge.

CorpSolutions believes in “Innovation” which is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. Our purpose of Innovation is to create higher value for our customers without putting burden on cost.

We believe in continuous process development and automation. We have a highly qualified and skilled in house IT team which consistently automates various processes for our clients. The automation of processes has not only reduced cost drastically but also enabled our clients to focus more on their core activities.