Call-Centre Services

The contact centre is the pivot around which the customer service function revolves, and as the leader in contact centre management services, CorpSolutions plays a key role in ensuring end customer satisfaction for its various clients. We facilitate clients effectively and successfully service their customers. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses the whole gamut of customer lifecycle management - from customer acquisition to customer and account maintenance, customer management and retention. CorpSolutions integrates various communication tools such as email and telephone to offer valued customer support services tailored in such a way to meet our client’s specific needs.

We have a strong team of inbound and outbound tele callers to provide various back office and front office tele calling services to some of the leading service sector companies. We have developed our network in the various part of India and provide multi location collection/recovery services to BSFI sector clients. We ensure to render quality services to both clients and their customers.

Under Call Centre Services we provide the following services:

To Insurance Companies:

  • Persistency calling for revival of lapsed policies.
  • Welcome calling for new policyholders.
  • Follow up for renewal premium collection and pick up.
  • Bank account update of Agents / Vendors.
  • Updation of PAN of Employees / Agents / Vendor.
  • Confirmation of assets lying in the branches.

To Telecom Companies / Banks:

  • Welcome Calling for new customers.
  • Customer Support Services.
  • Technical Support Services.